Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia


Three principles guide our compilation of works:

  1. Immediacy of experience: literary works or essays had to be written in the 1914-1922 period, and on Russian terrain, though not in other non-Russian parts of the empire.
  2. Topological relevance: works must deploy images of place, emphasizing, though not limited to, geographical, geopolitical, or geo-cultural place.
  3. Preference for writers beyond the capital “perception bubbles”: we give priority to little-known or unknown writers. Only about 15% of MAPRR writers are widely known writers.

Aseev, Osen'

ID: 55

Aseev, Igra

ID: 56

Aseev, Volga

ID: 58

Bezymenskii, Ia

ID: 111

Blok, Rossiia

ID: 112

Blok, Skify

ID: 114

Burliuk, Sibir'

ID: 139

Did, Nabat

ID: 152

Did, Verim

ID: 153

Did, Molitva

ID: 154

Did, K Karpatam

ID: 158

Did, Bolgaram

ID: 164

Did, Urozhai

ID: 166

Erkin, Rossiia

ID: 174

Esenin, Otchar'

ID: 190

Esenin, Oktoikh

ID: 191

Esenin, Inoniia

ID: 194

Eshchin, Zarevo

ID: 201

Godin, Izgnanie

ID: 220

Gret, Vesna

ID: 226

Gret, Aprel'

ID: 228

Gret, Na beregu

ID: 230

Gret, V tylu

ID: 231

Gret, Ot"ezd

ID: 234

Gret, Boi

ID: 235

Gret, V tserkvi

ID: 236

Gret, Zavety

ID: 239

Gret, S fronta

ID: 241

Gumilëv, Zmei

ID: 246

Kazanskii, Zima

ID: 271

Morozov, Rus'

ID: 361

Oborin, Irisy

ID: 371

Oborin, Zavet

ID: 373

Oborin, Severu

ID: 374

Oborin, Pesnia

ID: 377

Oborin, Doroga

ID: 378

Oreshin, V sadu

ID: 380

Oreshin, Osen'

ID: 381

Oreshin, My

ID: 382

Oreshin, Mai

ID: 390

Oreshin, V lesu

ID: 392

Oreshin, Volia

ID: 393

Popov, Kanonada

ID: 402

Sokol, Iunost'

ID: 417

Sokol, Rossiia

ID: 418

Sokol, 10 let

ID: 419

Sokol, Koshmar

ID: 420

Sokol, Slezy

ID: 422

Sokol, Rodina

ID: 424

Sokol, Otchizna

ID: 429

Sokol, Rossiia

ID: 436

Stradnyi, Ruki

ID: 442

Tsvetaeva, Don

ID: 467

Tsvetaeva, Ale

ID: 489

Tsvetaeva, S.E.

ID: 490

Viatkin, Belki

ID: 507

Viatkin, Sibir'

ID: 511

Viatkin, Katun'

ID: 512

Viatkin, Ogni

ID: 518

Dudorov, Poetu

ID: 545

Blok, Rossiia

ID: 625