Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

Multivalent Markers

Multivalent markers are the heart of our project of connecting spatial images to feeling and thus creating our imagined geography. Through these multivalent markers we hope enhance our understanding of Russian identity, at least in this period. Multivalent markers are specific examples or instances in which a geographically definable location (for example, Volga, Urals, Kazan’) or an unmappable metaphor of place (for example, home, homeland, abroad, idyll, paradise, hell, north, west) is connected to a place-based concept (PBC). Here mere geographical “space” becomes meaningful “place” endowed with emotional valence and significant personal or political associations.

море (sea)

ID: 376

Марс (Mars)

ID: 389

лес (forest)

ID: 425

луг (meadow)

ID: 399

Азия (Asia)

ID: 212

Рим (Rome)

ID: 160

Русь (Rus)

ID: 339

Троя (Troy)

ID: 285

Рига (Riga)

ID: 274

юг (south)

ID: 362

ад (hell)

ID: 370

сад (garden)

ID: 377

мир (world)

ID: 382

Шуя (Shuia)

ID: 448