Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

Константинополь (Constantinople)

Basic Information


  • Russian Term: Константинополь
  • English Term: Constantinople
  • Associated Locations

  • Constantinople
  • Textual Data

    Works Where Константинополь (Constantinople) Is Associated With a Place-Based Concept

  • Belyi, Khristos voskres
  • Gumilëv, Shvetsiia
  • Malashkin, Demokratii
  • Malashkin, Muskuly
  • PBCs Associated with Константинополь (Constantinople)

  • PBC0103: pride in place
  • PBC0112: faith in worker solidarity
  • PBC0154: bitterness about tsar
  • PBC0159: hope for Russia's resurrection
  • Visualizations:

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