Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

PBC0112: faith in worker solidarity

PBC 112 connects a Bolshevik political view with a celebration of the massive power of “billions” of workers (W251), mainly Russian workers but including the “laboring world collective” (W84), to “shake the world’s foundations” (W78) and transform the whole world. The laborers call themselves the “the worldwide commune’s children of holy labor” (W369) and the “proletarians of all countries” (W212). The PBC employs a variety of images of violent upheaval to convey the idea that total destruction leads to the creation of a new world involving the “workers’ army of all countries” (W212). For example, the “red feast” means the bloodbath of civil war (W76). Images of volcanoes, especially Etna, suggest the same. In some cases, this PBC urges changing hate into love and thus changing the world. Interestingly, some uses of PBC 112 suggest a new map of the world (W325, W116): “The Red world is/ one country” (W115).


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