Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

отчизна (fatherland)

Basic Information


  • Russian Term: отчизна
  • English Term: fatherland
  • Textual Data

    PBCs Associated with отчизна (fatherland)

  • PBC0001: pan-Slavic solidarity
  • PBC0023: resolve to fight
  • PBC0053: grief at loss of home
  • PBC0069: social alienation
  • PBC0145: filial love for homeland
  • PBC0146: pride in heroism
  • PBC0158: anger at betrayal
  • PBC0159: hope for Russia's resurrection
  • PBC0162: anger at enemy
  • PBC0163: love of homeland
  • PBC0165: hope despite defeat
  • PBC0167: loyalty to tsar
  • PBC0168: hope to save country
  • PBC0184: hope for new life
  • PBC0185: hope for freedom
  • PBC0221: filial love of homeland
  • PBC0229: love of homeland
  • PBC0296: despair at collapse
  • PBC0311: private social alienation
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