Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

PBC0145: filial love for homeland

PBC 145 embraces motherland (rodina) and fatherland (otchizna) among other concepts as sometimes suffering, sometimes proud but always benevolent progenitor of a nation in turmoil. The speaker in these instances always adores the homeland, as kin, just as a child does a parent. Among refrains of “I love my dear fatherland” (W517), contemporary circumstances render Russia troubled, as one observes “Enemies tighten and surround Mother-Russia” (W232). A “motherland, Rus’ is boundless” but stricken by loss (W518), as another notes walking “around Mother-Russia I pick the souls of soldiers like flowers” from the ground (W295). One can only hope and pray for the beloved Russia’s future; another reminds to “not forget Russia, a mother in pain, in your prayers” (W514).


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