Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

Петроград (Petrograd)

Basic Information


  • Russian Term: Петроград
  • English Term: Petrograd
  • Associated Locations

  • Petrograd
  • Textual Data

    PBCs Associated with Петроград (Petrograd)

  • PBC0010: joy in existence
  • PBC0011: grief at destruction
  • PBC0020: grief at death of a place
  • PBC0037: dread of exile
  • PBC0041: faith in worker-soldiers
  • PBC0060: empowerment
  • PBC0075: alienation and grief
  • PBC0080: political alienation
  • PBC0083: political alienation
  • PBC0095: anxiety about future
  • PBC0097: dread of the future
  • PBC0102: joy at new order
  • PBC0103: pride in place
  • PBC0125: ecstasy at new world
  • PBC0155: mockery of Bolsheviks
  • PBC0206: skepticism of civility
  • PBC0209: yearning for change
  • PBC0214: romantic love
  • PBC0264: love of homeland
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