Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

дорога (road)

Basic Information


  • Russian Term: дорога
  • English Term: road
  • Textual Data

    PBCs Associated with дорога (road)

  • PBC0027: dread of oppression
  • PBC0028: dread of open road
  • PBC0030: social alienation
  • PBC0032: ecstasy on road
  • PBC0033: faith in road to future
  • PBC0034: despair on road
  • PBC0035: pride in place
  • PBC0051: despair at war dead
  • PBC0053: grief at loss of home
  • PBC0056: belligerence
  • PBC0065: hope for autonomy
  • PBC0069: social alienation
  • PBC0074: hatred of oppression
  • PBC0177: grief at wandering
  • PBC0295: political alienation
  • PBC0297: rejection of patriarchy
  • PBC0298: despair at defeat
  • PBC0307: humor despite tragedy
  • PBC0316: intimidation of traitors
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