Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

Proletkult BolshevikCategory: politics

describes a sub-group of Bolshevik writers, poets, and thinkers who, for a time, resisted Lenin's dictatorship and instead believed in the power of the proletariat to organize itself, define its goals, and create its own original writing and artistic culture

Place Based Concepts Having this Component

  • PBC0018: joy in paradiseplace -- unreal place -- village paradise -- Proletkult Bolshevik -- joy at urban-rural alliance -- near future

  • PBC0130: hope for victoryplace -- new world -- universe -- Proletkult Bolshevik -- hope for victory

  • PBC0203place -- home -- nation -- Proletkult Bolshevik -- solidarity among workers and peasants

  • PBC0262: love of homelandplace -- home -- steppe -- Proletkult Bolshevik -- love for rural homeland

  • PBC0306: anxiety at warliminal space -- front -- Volga region -- Proletkult Bolshevik -- anxiety at war -- future
  • Works Using This PBC

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