Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

PBC0067: pride in place

PBC 67 conveys a strong sense of pride in the Siberian landscape and the Siberian map among regionalists who love its splendor (W280). For those that love it and live in its cold expanse, Siberia is its own “mighty country” (W511). The regionalist feels a visceral connection to his (so far, Siberian regionalists in this period are male) “native Siberia,” “where the glittering Altai [Mountains] reach great heights” and the taiga forests’ soughing echoes in the poet’s soul (W263). Such rivers as the Angara form part of the vibrant Siberian environment that babbles, whispers, and trembles (W375, W512). Other instances of the Siberian wilderness is alive in the imaginations and memories of regionalist writers no matter where they end up.


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