Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

PBC0124: hope for solidarity

PBC 124 conveys a renewed hope for solidarity among peoples and nations as a result of revolution. As one example puts it: “the world is turning red, daily life is turning crimson, and the people formerly covered in darkness are in the light of day,” A new future for the world is taking shape: “following Rus’, the world will put into place the red redistribution through rebellion” (W527). Another example sees liberation for all through the liberation of one of the Russian Empire’s most oppressed minorities, the Jews: “Having freed the Jewry from the ‘Pale of Settlement’, …we gave our homeland the chance to take advantage of the energy of people who know better than we how to work” (W584). The Russian motherland and the world as a whole benefit from embracing all peoples and welcoming their rebellion against injustice.


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