Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

PBC0059: faith in Russian Messiah

PBC 59 conveys a celebratory excitement for suffering Russia, now as a new powerful messiah stepping down from the cross and bringing light and change. New faith in Russia bursts forth when “the hour of resurrection of Russia has come” and the people have shattered their chains (W432). This moment of triumph is a miracle when the Crucified Christ descends from the cross “transfigured” and, like a comet, like cosmic dust, comes to light up the “abyss” of the factory (W213). The “noises of an invisible Savior” can be heard, and the dawn is like candles’ flames illuminating an iconostasis (W82). The revolutionaries, following the new Messiah, are moving from “Gray Russia” to an “new country”; gathering those crimson flowers, “we will strew them on the Messiah’s road” to the new land (W544). Their home will be the paradise for which they hoped and fought.


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