Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

PBC0058: hope for a new order

PBC 58 expresses a Bolshevik hope for a new order and new life while in dark and desperate times and resisting the condemnation of the “old world” (W57). This newfound light can be found in the factory bustle in an otherwise murky Moscow (W32). A new red dawn spreads over the cities and villages of the Volga (W171). In one instance the village party provides a “bulwark” against the encroachments of countries of the “Entente” (W367). Although the Russian loss to the Japanese in 1905 at Tsusima still hangs over Russians, the young want change, their “spirit is free,” and they “believe in the bright dawn of the future” (W417). People are voting for impoverished “barefooted Russia” (W572).


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