Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

PBC0062: mockery of parliament

So far, PBC 62 is limited to a single work that mocks the parliamentary-democratic system of government, particularly in post-war Latvia. Maiakovskii satirizes the bourgeousie’s post-revolution flight from the RFSFR with a tone “like children asking for a loaf of bread with honey,” saying “How I’d like a little passport to R-i-i-i-ga” (W323). The poet invokes the voice of anti-Russian intelligentsia and others who made comments such as, “What’s Russia? Russia’s a fool! What a thing that is abroad – there’s culture abroad! This is the only sadness to a poet in Russia” (W323). Maiakovskii, a strong supporter of the Bolsheviks, ridicules detractors’ futile groaning and empty insults flung at his homeland and ends in support of the new Russia, “Guys, we grumble about Russia in vain” (W323).


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