Mapping Imagined Geographies of Revolutionary Russia

PBC0118: ecstasy at victory

PBC 118 demonstrates a generally Bolshevik-leaning, ecstatic reaction to the state of world during revolution and civil war and its apocalyptic transfiguration. The earth, sky, and beyond spread a mood of delirious ecstasy and celebrate the destruction of the old order—both political and theological. This PBC imagines a new day when the poet is a force of nature who has thrown down “from heaven … the first whitened piece [of stucco]” to mark the assertion of earthly creativity (W55). In another example, the poet (who now compares himself to the biblical prophet Elijah) exclaims, “I raise you, world, on your haunches to the starry peaks” to show off human agency (W194). With the ability to connect worlds, this PBC invokes merry singing and dancing, trusting in a future as bright as the northern lights (W54).


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