Lesson Plans

The “Lesson Plans” made available here outline projects that teachers can incorporate into a number of different kinds of course as a project using MAPRR as a resource. Some of these lesson plans take only one class meeting, while others are 2-3 periods long. All require both oral and written response from the student.

Below is a categorized a list of the currently available lesson plans


  • Lesson plan on word recognition and vocabulary games for a beginning Russian language course
    • by Celia Leckey
    • Lecturer, Russian, Northern Virginia Community College, 2021.
  • Lesson plan on writers and geography for an intermediate Russian language course
    • by Maria Mabery
    • Lecturer, Russian, Northern Virginia Community College, 2021.
  • Literature

  • “Experiencing Revolution through Poetry”: for an undergraduate senior seminar for Russian Studies majors
    • by Justin Wilmes
    • Assistant Professor, Russian Studies, East Carolina University, 2021.
  • “Writers’ Emotional Communities in War and Revolution”: for “Soviet Literature,” a graduate seminar in Russian literature
    • by Edith W. Clowes
    • Brown-Forman Professor, Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Virginia, 2021
  • History/ Area Studies

    “  I crumple the map in my hands…  ”

    –  Bogorodskii